Originally we come from one of Europe’s oldest countries BULGARIA, city of PLOVDIV located in the hearth of the Balkans, with its remnants of the Byzantine, Roman and Ottoman civilizations, count among their wealth an unusually diverse culture, parts of which still remained unchanged for centuries.

   We of  JACART GOLD EXCHANGE, INC. are a dynamic family, developed reputation for supplying technology needed to satisfy our customers precision casting and melting needs. We recognize the marketplace demands in today’s mega competition increasingly difficult requirements that continue to challenge technology to create new products, to control costs of production, to improve quality, efficiency and productivity. Our involvement in these efforts keeps is growing in our capabilities.

   Our SHOW ROOM is conveniently located in DOWN TOWN – JEWELRY DISTRICT, LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA where you may find the key technology and services from the best quality ITALIAN ALLOYS  to CASTING & MELTING MACHINES equipment at very affordable prices.

   We at JACART GOLD EXCHANGE, INC.  realize helping a customer’s success leads to our own.

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