STATIX DIGITAL HD 150F – 350F – 600F

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Heavy duty furnaces Statix Digital HD F have been created for alloying, chain manufacturers and for factories who often need to re-melt buttons, pins or scraps.

Available Models: 150F – 350F – 650F (Figures also show capacity in cc)

  • Features: International safety and health regulations Colling water pump – Temperature controller
  • Max melting capacity and time: 150F: 2.8kg (1800pwt) of 24k gold in 8′ 350F: 6.5kg (4180pwt) of 24k gold in 12′ 600F: 11.4kg (7340pwt) of 24k gold in 18′
  • Crucibles: 150F: CC150s-CG150sXQ-CGV150 350F: CC350s-cg350S-CG350sXQ 600F: CG600s-CG600sXQ
  • Optionals: Device for protective neutral gas (Argon) Special and Platinum melting features(only on request before purchase)
  • Overall Dimensions: Width 85cm (34″) + 23cm (9″) pump Depth 70cm (26″) Height 107cm (42″) Weight 240kg (529lb)
  • Power Supply: 150F: 220 OR 380V, 7kW, threephase 350F & 600F: 220 or 380V, 9kW, threephase
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