Price – $2,700


It has been conceived on the basis of long experience in the production of cylinder pre – heating furnaces, feature an extremely easy programming, they are fitted with the most accurate programming and control system based on a micro processing structure.


The Furnace
Fitted with a stainless steel envelope, it absolutely runs no risks of corrosion due to flue gases and steam.

The Furnace Chamber
It is formed by four radiant – section shielded heating plates featuring a high thermal efficiency. Thanks to its particular structure, it allows to obtain a steady temperature on the whole of its components.

The Door
The fettling fitted with a high quality lagging assures a steady thermal uniformity inside the furnace chamber.

The Door Movement
Its very tough structure is of horizontal parallelogram type and is fitted with a self-lubricating system. The door does not require any maintenance intervention and it will not get stuck even after long period of daily use.

In order to prevent even the slightest possibility of accident, each furnace model has been provided with a safety  micro-switch cutting off the power supply to the heating  plates, every time the door is opened. The bipolar – fuse protection system guarantees a total compliance with the strictest safety standards.

Control Panel
–  Two alphas – numeric digital displays allow an immediate reading of the temperature and time, both during  programming and working phase.
–  Digital display for the visualization of the required program.
–  Luminous led to determine the phase of the cycle both during programming and working phase.
–  Soft – touch type-operating push – buttons.
–  Electrical – connection led.
–  Powered – furnace led.
–   Aspirator – on led.
–   End – of – cycle warning led.

Ten Storable Programs
Possibility of entering two intermediate temperatures and the final temperature together with the speed relevant to the achievement of the temperatures themselves.

Deferred Starting
Possibility of entering the deferred starting of the furnace up to 100 hours.

Programmed Aspiration
Possibility of programming the automatic switching off the gas exhauster (in case the furnace is fitted with the exhauster).

Alarm System
A luminous and optical alarm will switch on whenever the preset time for the exposure to final temperature is over.

OVMAT 9 can be provided with gas exhauster upon customer’ s request.


Heating Chamber                        OVMAT 9
Width                                             16 cm
Depth                                             30 cm
Height                                            15 cm
Overall Dimensions
Width                                             33 cm
Depth                                             58 cm
(+10cm if fitted with aspirator)

Height                                            54 cm
Capacity                         10 cylinders for skeletons

Weight                                          46 kg.
Temperature                                1100 C
Max Consumption                       2800 Watts
Power Supply                              220 Volts
Single – phase

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