Price – $21,000


This casting machine has been designed for small and medium sized jewellries where top quality is required. Thanks to its versatility Neutor Digital can melt and cast any gold alloys of any karat, silver, platinum, and many other non-precious alloys with a choice of the most suitable enviorment condition between natural, vaccum, or neutral atmosphere.

  • Features: International safety and health regulations Cooling water pump with tank Arm acceleration rate-Temperature control Max melting capacity and time 40cc: 760gr (490pwt) of 24kgold in 3′ Any casting ring can be fitted up to 11cm (4.33″) diam. and 14cm (5.33″) height
  • Crucibles: C35 – C65 – CG20 – CG20XQ – CGV20 – CG40 – CG40XQ – CGV40
  • Optionals: Kit of accessories for Platinum
  • Overall Dimension: Depth 82cm (32″)+ 23 cm (9″) pump tank Width 74cm (29″) Height 95cm (37″) Weight 321kg (707lb)
  • Power Supply: Three phase only, 220V or 380v – 7.2kW
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